AKC CH. Walestails Rusty's lil Nip of Sun.

Nip was my Heart dog, and a true Boxer to the core. I miss him until it hurts. He was our first Homebred Champion, and I can't thank Mitch and Kinnetha enough for all they did for him. A dog like him only comes along once in a blue moon. He would have walked thru fire for me. They leave us too soon. 

AKC Walestails' Rusty Kai. AKC pointed.

Our Rusty will always be missed dearly. He was a one of a kind. 

A true legacy to have this bloodline in our Boxers

AKC CH High in the Sky of Denbar


A true legacy to have these bloodlines in our Boxers.

AKC CH Gaelic Greine O'Burks 

A true legacy to have these bloodlines in our Boxers. 

CH Barisles Special Premium 

R&G's Mystical Magnolia at Hunter Creek


Sweet Sweet Maggie. I don't think there's ever been a sweeter Boxer born. She is our love. She's goofy and funny, Her pedigree is the most impressive ever. Her Grandmother is our Grand Champion Callie, and her Grandfather is the one and only Danny. One of the most beautiful Boxers ever.

AKC Walestails Tyson's Nip of Grace At Hunter Creek.

Gracie is a favorite here with a temperment that goes above and beyond. She is the best mother dog ever. She loves children, pups, and will take any pup that needs her. Gracie never made it to the show ring, but she's a Champion in our hearts anyway. She is very calm and good with children. Excellent mother. She has some wonderful bloodlines too. She is DM carrier with no symptions.



Ajna has passed, but her memory lives on. 

AKC Hunter Creek Ajna Maria.

Very nice and correct flashy girl that really did not like to show. She was happy being a watch dog, and keeping all the wild cats away from the horses and barn.  She didn't enjoy mother hood very much either. But she was a very pretty girl. She was spayed so she could enjoy her cat patrol...



Our darling dare devil Madison. She can leap like a Tiger and run like a Cheetah. She reminds us so much of our Emma at this age. :)  Can't thank Candice enough for allowing her to join our tribe. She keep us hopping for sure..LOL..

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