AKC Dizzy lil Desi. She lives up to her name. She's a doll baby. Very good mom. Still wants to be in with them and nurse them. This is her last litter. She only had 2 litters but this is her last one. She will be spayed as soon as the babies are weaned. :)  I have to thank Desiree M. for giving her to me. 



This is Desi's Sire. I truly regret ever letting go of him.  :(   Desi's first litter she had a couple like him, but she was scared and she laid on several. She will be spayed in a couple of months. 

Hershey's Sire. 



This is Cricket. . This is Hershey's Dam. 



This is Elsa's Mom Peanut. I have a picture of Molly too my original Frenchie I started out with. I will put her on here too. If she will fit. :) 

This is Molly,  Peanuts Mom. My first Frenchie. She was a corker. She could be a real stinker. LOL. If she didn't like someone, she would wait until they walked by act like she was ignoring them, then when they got far enough away from her, she'd fly off the couch , run barking at them and nip at their heels. HAAAAAA...I loved her to pieces. She is buried on the farm. 

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