DANI.  (akc name pending) 

Dani is out of some very special bloodlines we really like and have been trying to put together for a long time, 6 years to be exact. She is out of CH Hunter Creek's Kachina Dancer at Hobby Horse Ranch. Who is by the one and only "DANNY" Her dam is AKC Bella, who is out of our CH Rusty's lil Nip of Sun, and AKC Gracie. We hope to get her in some smaller shows soon.







AKC Walestails Bella. (Dani's Dam) 

Bella is a correct girl with a very nice bite, short back, great toes, she is out of our CH Rusty's lil Nip of Sun. 



AKC Hunter Creek's Kachina Dancer At Hobby Horse Ranch. 

Hobbs is a big Boxer with a very big personality. He loves everyone. We were so impressed with him and how well he behaved here with all these other dogs. The Shivley's did a great job training him. We thank them for the two litters we got out of Hobbs. 



AKC Walestails Diamond in the Sky. (Bella's Dam) 

 Diamond is a correct Boxer girl, big boned, wide bite, high set ears, dd haws, dark eyes, short nose, great cat toes, has a long neck, she is out of CH Rusty's lil Nip of Sun. and goes back to Telstar breeding. Diane got her start in Boxers with the help of Jennifer Telstar. They are still friends today. 

MBIS, MBISS, PGCH, CH R And G's Mystical Dancer, SOM   

Who could not know the beautiful Boxer Danny!! We are so proud that we were finally able to get a grand pup from him. We are hoping that our Dani can do something in the show ring. She got an Orbital abcess that prevented us from cropping her ears. The vet wasn't sure what caused it. 


HARLEY (akc pending)

This guy is our dream boy too. He's out of AKC Kip who's out of our CH Rusty's lil Nip of Sun. and the dam is AKC Arlo who's out of AKC Gracie, and AKC Crown. Beautiful Boxers. 




We will inquire about getting his ears cropped to some vets in Denver. We'd like to get him in some small shows when he's old enough. 




This is Harley's sire. Our son's dog. He has an excellent bite, dd haws, weighs right at 85 lbs. Wonderful temperment.



AKC Arlo

This is Harley's Dam. A correct Boxer girl. Excellent bite. Nice bone, super temperment. Weighs right at 65-70 lbs.  



AKC Crown of Glory (Arlo's Sire) 

Crown is a stunning Boxer that is correct in every way. I tried to get one just like him, but none came out like him. He is so beautiful and has personality plus. So beautiful. 



CH Rusty's lil Nip of Sun. (Kip's Sire)

There comes a dog along ever so often that captures your heart and the two of you bond so tight that you know what each are thinking sometimes with just a look. When he died a little bit of me died too.



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